Welcome to the MIS GrandPartner Association – otherwise known as the GPA!

Left to Right: Daphne Bradford, Lisa Robertson, Betty Miller

Grandparents–current and former –are an important member of the MIS family. We know that grandparents make a real difference in the lives of their grandchildren. They are the people grandchildren can count on to provide love, undivided attention, advice, adventures, and fun. Grandparents are invaluable repositories of knowledge, experiences, and expertise that we want to bring into the school’s daily curriculum and activities.

This summer we launched the GrandPartners Association, otherwise aptly known as the “GPA,” to provide MIS grandparents opportunities to get directly involved in the classroom–helping out with special events, outdoor activities, in the office, as well as attending social events.

GPA programming will be structured on a semester by semester basis depending on what the grandparent would like to do and when. Please see below for the ways to get involved and sign up for those that you think are right for you!

Get Involved!

What it means to get involved!

Learning is a family experience and the relationship students have with their grandparents is very special. The GrandPartners Association creates volunteer opportunities and benefits for grandparents to get directly involved in their grandchildren’s education. Below are just some of the ways to get involved and sign up!

Math Tutor

Sometimes it takes a different explanation for a student to finally get a concept. If you have strong math and tutoring skills, MIS has eager learners. Be a math tutor and help provide a safe and caring environment for a student to increase his or her math skills.

Reading Buddies

Kids love it when there is a guest reader for library time. Most often stories are read in Spanish, but this isn’t required. You can read a book about a Spanish speaking culture or share a personal favorite of yours. Maybe let your grandchild teach you how to read a book in Spanish!

Sign up for a committee

There is a lot happening at MIS and it takes a group of go-getters to come up with ideas and get it done from facilities to marketing/communications to a diversity task force. MIS wants people with world experience and a passion for the school to be a part its everyday operations and visions for the future.

Help with event organizing

Do you have an eye for decorating? A flair for writing the perfect invitation? Or a pro at keeping things organized and checking things off a list? There are lots of events like holiday parties, the Spring Gala and Field Day at MIS that require volunteers to make it a success!

Chaperone a field trip

Get out and about with the kids! There are lots of opportunities to have adventures with your grandkids from ice skating to skiing to walks in the park. MIS teachers love to take their classes on field trips to museums and hikes in the nearby hills which makes learning fun and more engaging. Let us know if you are interested in chaperoning a field trip.

Proofreading and editing

This is perfect for out of town grandparents with strong writing and communication skills. Offer to help an MIS student proofread a paper over email. Your input and keen editing eye can add depth to a student’s paper.

Past GPA Events

G-Day 2018 was a success! We had over 100 guests including grandparents, grandfriends and parents. There were performances from all the Multiage groups. Performances ranged from sign language to Shakespeare to a rap song to aerial arts. In the classrooms, students showed their guests the projects they were working on and had interactive stations such as microscopes and games. Thank you, everyone, for coming! We look forward to next year!

See more G-Day photos here!

Megan Parker with Working Dogs for Conservation gave a demonstration for GPA members on July 19, 2018. The group took a walk in Pattee Canyon and learned how dogs are being used to sniff for scat for animal population counts, noxious weeds and contraband like ivory. While Megan talked about her work and answered questions, her highly trained dogs sniffed for some pre-placed bobcat scat and were rewarded with their favorite toy.

Join the GPA Today!

Benefits of participating in the GPA include:

  • Receiving a bi-annual MIS GPA newsletter (one per semester)
  • Volunteer opportunities at the school
  • GPA events