Family involvement is fundamental to our school.

MIS has an active Parent Association that partners with the school administration to build a strong community. The Parent Association offers educational and community building workshops that are open to every family at MIS. All parents of MIS students are members of the Parent Association and are encouraged to attend any or all meetings.

The Parent Association Council works to:

  • Support teachers through organizing classroom parties and volunteer.
  • Facilitate communication between parents, teachers, administration.
  • Create a positive and welcoming climate that builds a strong community at MIS.

The Parent Association is led by the Parent Association Council which is comprised of elected officers and volunteer representatives.


Parent Association

Officers and RepresentativesNamePhoneEmail
PresidentJulie Osborn396-1329[email protected]
Vice PresidentMelissa Silverman248-318-7021[email protected]
SecretaryPatty Rubina396-3991[email protected]
TreasurerLisa Eiler[email protected]
Staff RepBen Super542-9924[email protected]
Preschool/Primary Years Parent RepMolly Bradford880-0880[email protected]
Middle School/Specialists Parent RepJody Jakob370-7936[email protected]
Community BuildingNamePhoneEmail
Parent ConnectionMissy Miculka223-0721[email protected]
Parent EducationTri Pham370-1717[email protected]
New Family AmbassadorScott and Hillary Wandler531-4622
[email protected]
[email protected]
Preschool LiaisonsLisa Eiler and Lauren Pierce616-901-7106[email protected]
[email protected]
Teacher AppreciationAnge Anderson503-381-1498[email protected]
Teacher AppreciationPatty Rubina396-3991[email protected]
SustainabilitySue Snetsinger207-76666[email protected]
Spirit ShopCourtney Babcock370-9250[email protected]
Scrip & Corporate FundraisingBriAnne Moline214-6898[email protected]
At LargeNamePhoneEmail
Jen Hudson207-7554[email protected]
Lori Westenfelder214-1462[email protected]
Kristen Von Doersten360-4412[email protected]
Room ParentsNamePhoneEmail
PreSchool 1 - Jenny/DianaCrystal Stonesifer
Laura Timblo
PreSchool 2 - Mishel/AnaMeaghan Frisbee
Kristen Berube
206-484-4075[email protected]
K/1 - JohnEmily Musco880-5598[email protected]
K/1 - Virginia
2/3 - MiriamMirtha Becerra470-388-6453[email protected]
2/3 - PatriciaKeri Allmacher370-5596[email protected]
4/5 - CarmeMarcie Mountan670-6085[email protected]
4/5 - IbrahinRachael Lunde396-2709[email protected]
4/5 - Jose ManuelLara Dorman531-5582[email protected]
6th GradeAmber Sherrill531-7052[email protected]
7th GradeEmily Musco880-5598[email protected]
8th GradeKay Grissom-Kiely370-0379[email protected]
SpecialistsLori Westenfelder
Juniper Davis
[email protected]
[email protected]