Current Registration Period for Enrichment Programs:  Winter 2019 – Clubs start the week of January 14th!

Reminder: There will be no clubs running on January 18, January 21, February 18, and March 25 – 29.
Pre-Registrations now available all year long! Pre-registrations are a free and easy way for you to sign up for a club and get notified first when registrations for the club open and dates are set.  

Missoula International School offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn new skills with a variety of talented instructors. After school programs at MIS are an excellent opportunity for all Missoula children to experience cultural adventures while gaining new language skills. We offer classes that are taught in Spanish as well as in English. No prior Spanish speaking experience is necessary.

Please Note:

Aftercare is available prior to and following enrichment classes until 5:30 at no additional charge.

The registration fees are non-refundable. Full payment due one week before the first day of class.

By paying with a credit card you agree to be charged a small convenience fee that pays for these services. If you would like to avoid these fees, please bring a check into our office.

Spanish SAT Club

Spanish SAT Returns Winter session 2019!

Are you ready to test you Spanish capabilities? Ready to take the Spanish SAT?

Missoula International School is here to help you take your Spanish abilities to the next level with the Spanish SAT Club!

What is the Spanish SAT?
In short, the Spanish Subject Test is a great way to highlight your knowledge of Spanish and demonstrate your interest in the Spanish language to higher education. Plus, a solid score will give you a leg up in the college admissions process. Highly selective schools look at subject area SAT scores closely.

Learn More About the Spanish SAT subject test

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Mondays, Starting Jan 28
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Available to grades: 8th

12 Weeks for $350.00


MineTest has been brought back with a new teacher and new ways to design. With Rodrigo, students will challenge themselves with game design, texture modeling, and level design! Students will delve into the programming of MineTest and its never-ending opportunities.

“What is MineTest?” MineTest is a ‘sandbox’ construction game. This means the MineTest needs to be made in order to be played! The creator of MineTest used MineCraft as their inspiration and starting point. Students will be pushed to collaborate and design creative models and texture designs within the MineTest program.

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Age Group: Grades 4 – 8

Time: 3:45-5:00

Thursdays with Rodrigo: 8 Weeks for $155.00

Animation and Robotic Design Club

Students use Wedo and EV3 Lego robotics as well as Scratch animation software to design and create stories, games, and inventions. This class will be taught in Spanish. Beginner Spanish speaking students are welcome to join in the fun!

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Mondays & Wednesdays

Age Group: K-5

Time: 3:45-5:15

Mondays with Rodrigo: 8 Weeks for $115.00

Wednesdays with John: 10 Weeks for $145.00

Or both Mondays & Wednesdays for $220.00

Hip Hop Club

Bring your dancing spirit to Andrea Ferrer’s Hip Hop Club hosted by MIS! Developing dance skills from different styles of dance, such as Modern Dance, students will learn to express themselves and strengthen their heart for the dance floor.

Club Update: The MIS Hip Hop Club has added a new dance day for younger dancers! If your child is in K/1, they now have their own day for learning dance and movement.

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Age Group: 2 – 5

Time: 3:45-4:45 PM

Winter 2019 – Wednesdays – 9 weeks – 125.00


Age Group: K/1 Multiage

Time: 3:45-4:30 PM

Winter 2019 – Thursdays – 9 weeks – 115.00


Mandarin Chinese Club

This club will be working with younger children on the foundations of the Chinese language. While crafting, playing games, and developing new skills these students will learn an important language and cultural knowledge.

Students are welcome to choose from Mondays or Fridays, but it is highly suggested a student sign up for both days as Mandarin is a very difficult language to remember with only one day a week of practice. Meet the teachers, at the bottom of this page!

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Mondays- 8 weeks – 85.00

Friday – 8 weeks – 85.00

Suggested – Both days – 8 weeks – 155.00 

Age Group: Grades K – 4

Time: 3:30 – 4:30pm (Aftercare is included)

MIS MathCounts

6th – 8th graders, MathCounts is back for an exciting 2018-19 program!

MathCounts provides students with the kinds of experiences that foster growth and transcend fear to lay a foundation for future success through math activities and challenges.


FRIDAYS – continues into 2019
Time: 3:30-5:15 PM
20 Classes for 225.00

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Meet Our Enrichment Leaders

Andrea Ferrer Sena 2/3 Multiage Spanish Immersion Teacher

Andrea is from Valencia, Spain. She comes to MIS from Colegio Publico Vicente Gaos where she taught English as a second language and from Escuela Infantil Xicotets where she worked in a preschool program. Andrea has a B.A. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Needs and a concentration in English as a Second Language. She likes to read, being with friends and travel as much as she can. She is a homeroom teacher in 2/3 grade, she is also teaching Design and Hip Hop in the enrichment program.

Rodrigo Peces Middle School Team

Rodrigo is from Toledo, Spain and finished his Music Degree in 2008. He was teaching music and working for different media production companies. In London, he decided to complement his education with a Sound Engineering Diploma and worked for different projects and companies. Rodrigo enjoys drinking coffee and reading about new computer releases, video games and loves exploring new musicians and musical genres on the internet.

John Kratz K/1 Multiage Spanish Immersion Teacher

Prior to joining MIS in 2011, John taught in Mexico at the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. He taught children in immersion and bilingual K-12 settings in New York City and Pocatello, Idaho. John holds an M.A. in Spanish and Education from the City University of New York, Hunter College and a B.A. in Spanish from Idaho State University.

Chunze Lai Enrichment Leader: Mandarin Chinese Club

Ni Hao! (Hello!) My name is Chunze Lai and I will be the lead teacher for the Mandarin Chinese Club.
I was born in a small town in Sichuan Province of Mainland China. I spent 18 years full of happiness and joy in my hometown before I was admitted to a top university in China. After graduating with honor from college, I came to the U.S. to pursue my PhD degree.

While I was in graduate school, I got an opportunity to volunteer to teach at the Minnesota Chinese Academy.
After the addition of two sweet girls in my family, my experience of teaching Chinese has become more enriched. I am proud of myself being their first educator of the Chinese language, and more, the bridge between the eastern and western cultures. I moved to Missoula with my family in 2015 and had enjoyed every moment of my life in this beautiful town. I am excited about this opportunity at the Missoula International School and cannot wait to share my experience with these lovely kids.

Ping Wang Enrichment Leader: Mandarin Chinese Club

你好!(Ni hao! Or Hello!). My name is Ping Wang and I am very excited to start the adventure with these lovely kids to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I was born in a small coastal town in Liaoning Province of Northeast China, and grew up happily with my family and friends. After graduating from a prestigious Teacher’s University (Northeast Normal University) in China, I became a high school geography teacher for 7 years before we moved to US. While in US, I got many opportunities as volunteer to introduce Chinese language, geography, food, and culture to our American friends.

My desire to teach Mandarin Chinese became stronger after we added two sweet girls to our family. I developed a fun way to help them master Chinese and English at the same time. I am excited about this opportunity at the Missoula International School and cannot wait to share my experience about leaning Mandarin Chinese with these lovely kids.

Elizabeth Paich Enrichment: Mandarin Chinese Club

Elizabeth is originally from California. She began studying Mandarin Chinese in 2001 at the age of 13 and earned a B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of California, Riverside in 2011. Elizabeth currently attends the University of Montana as a graduate student working towards earning an M.A. in English. Before joining MIS, Elizabeth taught English in Shanghai, China. She has worked with multiple online schools in the US and China as an administrator and teacher. Outside of MIS, she teaches the First-Year Composition for college freshmen at UM and volunteers with Writing Coaches of Montana where she helps public school students around Missoula with writing. She joined MIS in 2017.

Ismara Partidas Middle School Team

Ismara Maidyd de la Asunción Partidas Aguilar  born in Caracas, Venezuela on August 15, 1985, she graduated as an Teacher in Simón Rodríguez University and as a Civil Engineer in Venezuela Army Force University, since 2008 worked in three schools in rotating shifts public and private and in the Carlos Soublette College as Spanish’s Teacher. Ismara joined the MIS Middle School team in July of this year.