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MIS loves its alumni! It is great to see how students take the knowledge they gained from MIS and go out into the world to make it a better place. Below are stories about some of our alumni and what they have been up to since high school and college. If you are an alumnus, we would love to hear from you! Take a moment to fill out the form at the bottom of this page and be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Costa Rica Adventures with Nina Erving -14

Wow! I don’t even know where to start! The whole trip was such a unique experience and had many similarities to Mexico but so many more differences! 
The biggest difference for me was being able to have the opportunity to go with a group of 18 people in which I went on the trip only knowing three. By the time we came home, we had all become one very tightly bonded group of friends.
While we were there, we explored the jungle, visited a school for half a day where we met some new Costa Rican friends, worked hands-on with turtles during the night while they laid eggs and last but not least we helped clean the beaches on the reserve we were staying on. This is all not to mention the night we stayed on a beautiful coffee plantation called Bella Vista. Throughout the whole trip, Avery, Birch and I were the translators and communicators for our group. Being able to understand and speak Spanish was so much fun while we were in Costa Rica. This trip was life changing and I will definitely never forget the incredible adventure!

-Nina Erving
Class of 2014

Exciting Updates from Gabriella Stokstad '14

Crazy how time flies…
I am going to and American University in Switzerland for my full undergrad, and hoping to complete it in 3 years. I’m interested in Cultural and Comparative Literary studies as well as International Relations, but not certain of my major quite yet! I will be graduating with the full IB diploma and I received a merit scholarship from the university I am attending.
I went on mission trips down in Tijuana Mexico the summers of sophomore and junior year, and am going again this summer! Spanish completely enriched and altered the experience for the better. We were building homes for impoverished families, and it gave me the opportunity to have personal conversations with the families we were building for, and hear their stories/hardships (also had fun bantering/chatting with the boys at the orphanage where we stay!). Spanish also helped with other language acquisition, particularly in the romance language department (I took Latin for 1 year, and French for 2). I am also taking Spanish this year, and am (thanks to my roots in Spanish) feeling confident for my IB Spanish testing.
I’ve been having fun participating in women’s marches, gun-violence protests, and am overall excited about activism, human rights, and giving minorities/struggling people a voice to find help, and make a positive change in our society. Participated in National Honors Society, and completed all 4 years on honor roll.
Los extraño mucho!

MIS Alumni Georgia Walker-Keleher and Grace Gibson-Snyder Attend Global Leadership Forum

In the summer of 2018 two MIS alumni, Georgia and Grace, 2017 MIS graduates, attended a global leadership forum in Montezuma, New Mexico. The forum was 18 days filled with stories and workshops about the UWC Movement which aims at creating globally minded citizens and problem solvers. Georgia and Grace were two of fifty students from around the world who got to attend this forum and they both learned to work and meet with new people their age from new places. The forum asked participants to think of a problem they face locally at home and while at this forum, develop solutions to take back home. Grace chose to work on the problem of single-use plastics and the pollution they cause. Georgia chose to work on how to encourage young people who interact with phones and devices to develop better relationships beyond their devices with the community and the people close to them.

Alumni Stories

Check out some of our Alumni throughout the years!

Lucy Simpson Class of 2011

Lucy spent part of a semester studying in Thailand while attending Cal Poly University.

Stella Gardner Class of 2011

Stella was in Valparaiso, Chile for a semester while studying Political Science at Colorado College.

Molly Kauffman Class of 2013

Molly has attended the MCT Performing Arts Camps since she was in middle school.  Her love of performing has led her to perform stand-up comedy at various venues in Missoula.  Molly is attending to Occidental College to pursue a degree in Theatre Arts with a possible minor in a science related field.

Ava Kazemi Class of 2013

Ava was named one of 42 Montana students as U.S. Presidential Scholars candidates.  Ava is attending Colorado College.

Gracie Kilminster-Bird Class of 2014

Gracie moved to Salt Lake City to attend the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts. She was in several productions including the Utah Shakespeare Festival and a Chorus Line where she played Connie.

Hayden Kiely Class of 2016

Hayden has attended the MCT Performing Arts Camps and has performed in MCT community theatre productions.  Hayden has been cast in the Hellgate High School production of “All About Eve”.

Calvin Beighle Class of 2016

Calvin competed in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) advancing to nationals as the only freshman in the local chapter.  He placed 25th out of 150 applicants from around the country.  He was invited to attend two prestigious camps/conferences.  The first was a business forum at Stanford and the other, a leadership and financial concepts conference at the University of Washington.  Calvin also attended the Montana Rotary  Youth Leadership Awakening camp.

“Some of the clubs that I am doing through school and have previously done are BPA, the Hellgate Finance Academy, Student Government, Key Club, Math Club, Montana Model United Nations, Spanish Club and Latin Club. This year I am joining SAVE (Students Against Violating the Enviornment) and Speech and Debate and am Vice President of BPA, Treasurer of Key Club, and was  Co-freshman class president last year, and am running for Sophomore class president this year.

Ruby Jenni Class of 2018 & Ellie Jenni Class of 2017

Ruby Jenni is off to Russia to dance with the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre in October.  She and her sister, Ellie Jenni, are also invited to take part in the Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xian China.  The sisters have danced in 7 countries to date as well as participating in the Ballet Beyond Borders dance competition that has been held in Missoula the past two years.

Julian Bain Class of 2017

Julian was selected as one of  30 of the top middle school scientists in the country who competed in the Broadcom MASTERS, the nation’s most prestigious Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) competition for middle school students on October 21st in Washington, D.C.

His 8th grade science fair project created a water-based lens.  He started by asking “Can an auto-focusing water-based lens be used at different distances?”  He used his knowledge of robotics and programming to design a new type of eyeglasses. “My hypothesis was that if I built and programmed my eyeglasses correctly, then the device would change to an appropriate focus by manipulating the shape of the lenses from convex to concave,”

“These talented students will be on hand to discuss their science and engineering projects with students, teachers, parents, scientists, engineers and members of the general public who share their enthusiasm for science and engineering during this free project showcase.

These 30 students were selected out of 300 Top Broadcom MASTERS, nearly 2,500 applicants and more than 6,000 students who were nominated.” from the Broadcom MASTERS website

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