MIS offers an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based educational program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. In the primary grades, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) supports the Spanish immersion philosophy at MIS and provides an internationally-based, educational framework for academic achievement.

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Learning In Action

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International Education

Missoula International School is an IB World School authorized for the Primary Years Programme. IB World Schools are schools that share a common philosophy–a commitment to a high quality, internationally-minded education that MIS believes is important for our students in the 21st Century. For more information about the IBO and its programs, visit www.ibo.org.

Curiosity, Creativity, Connection

At MIS, primary grade students acquire knowledge through units of inquiry. They are encouraged to promote the construction of knowledge through cooperative class projects. A unit of inquiry immerses students in a topic of research, enhancing traditional subjects. This approach engages the natural curiosity of each child and motivates students to become lifelong learners. MIS student learning is further enhanced through the study of fine arts and music as well as physical education.

Spanish Immersion

In preschool through fifth grade, all of the traditional subjects—language arts, science, social studies, math—are taught IN Spanish. MIS students learn the content of a primary grades curriculum while they also learn a second language. Thus, at an early age our students learn a second language much the same way they learn their first—by hearing and seeing it used in a natural setting. This method, known as language immersion, benefits children academically and socially while preparing them for the global reality of their future lives: “In addition to reaping the social and economic advantages of bilingualism, immersion learners benefit cognitively, exhibiting greater non-verbal problem solving abilities and more flexible thinking.”

Kindergarten-1st grade multiage students receive 100% of their learning in a Spanish immersion classroom with reading support. In Second through Fifth Grade, MIS students begin to receive a portion (20%) of their classroom instruction in English and the rest of their day in Spanish.

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