Missoula International School nurtures lifelong learners in our community. MIS offers people of all ages in the Missoula community the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language guided by experienced instructors.

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Class offerings for Spring 2019 – Starting the week of April 3, 2019

  • Beginning Spanish with Ismara Partidas: Wednesdays 4:00  – 5:15 PM
  • Advanced Spanish with José Díaz: Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:15 PM

Classes Begin: April 3, 2019

Not sure where you belong? Come chat with one of our instructors and they will help you choose the appropriate class.

Mark Your Calendar: There will be no classes running on April 19, May 8 through May 10, May 24, and May 27.

If you would like to receive periodic updates about our available programs, please contact MIS at (406)542-9924.


About the Instructors

Ismara Partidas Middle School Team

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Teaching, Simón Rodríguez University
Civil Engineering, Venezuela Army Force University

Ismara Maidyd de la Asunción Partidas Aguilar born in Caracas, Venezuela on August 15, 1985, she graduated as an Teacher in Simón Rodríguez University and as a Civil Engineer in Venezuela Army Force University, since 2008 worked in three schools in rotating shifts public and private and in the Carlos Soublette College as Spanish’s Teacher. Ismara joined the MIS Middle School team in July of this year.

José Manuel DÍaz

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MIS is excited to welcome José Manuel to its faculty for the 2017-2018 school year. José Manuel has been working with students in his native Venezuela since 2004. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he was the Head of the Language Department at Colegio Fundación Carlos Delfino. A true life-long learner, José Manuel is currently finishing his Ph.D. in education to complement his dual Master’s degrees in elementary education and linguistics.

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If you would like to receive periodic updates about our available programs, please contact MIS at (406) 542-9924 or pre-register for the season you are interested in here.

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