2/3 Unit of Inquiry

The 2/3 students have been scientists during their unit of inquiry on sound by exploring different materials to understand what sound is, how it is produced and how it travels. Through trial and error experiences, they have discovered the essential principles behind sound. Then, they share their findings and show evidence of the science behind their experiments to demonstrate their understanding.


To continue exploring the key concepts of form, perspective and connection, we invited guest speakers Yvette Ortega and Udo Fluck to share with us how sound relates to animals, music and self-expression.

Yvette shared her expertise on birds with the 2/3 scientists and learned that birds not only produce beautiful songs that are music to our ears but also sound to communicate, connect and relate to species in their habitats.

Udo Fluck, Director of Global and Cultural Affairs for City of Missoula, is coming every Monday to share diverse perspectives on how instruments around the world tell stories about communities and helps us communicate ideas, feelings and emotions.

In music class, they are experiencing the qualities of sound such as: pitch, duration, intensity and tone. To finish up their unit, the students will be taking a field trip to the Spectrum science lab to experience vibration, sound waves and how the human ear process sound.

It has been a great collaboration between teachers, parents and the Missoula community to provide quality experiences to our students!