Ways to Give

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YOU can help sustain MIS for generations. While we rely on your support for the capital campaign and annual fund, we want your method of giving to benefit you the most.


One of the easiest methods is through an outright gift but the tax and income advantages of a planned gift may be even more beneficial. Planned gifts may help you increase your income and save on your taxes now or have no impact on your lifestyle today.  Your legal or tax professional has the latest and most up-to-date information regarding charitable contributions and estate planning and we encourage you to consult them.



  • A gift of cash is the most common, and often the most convenient, outright gift. If you itemize on your federal income tax return, your charitable deduction is 100 percent of your gift and may be deducted up to 50 percent of your taxable income. If the full deduction cannot be used in the year of gift, you have up to 5 additional years to recoup your ‘investment’ in MIS.


Matching gifts

  • Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift!


Stocks, bonds and mutual funds

  • One of the most underutilized ways to make a gift is through appreciated securities – those that have grown in value since purchase or inheritance. When you gift appreciated stock that you acquired many years ago, you not only qualify for a charitable income tax deduction but also avoid capital gain tax on the growth in value that would be due if sold. Transferring securities to MIS is simple, and with the extra tax savings, you may be able to make a larger gift than you initially thought possible. (Contact us for securities transfer instructions.)



  • Original Cost of Stock:         $10,000
  • Current Market Value:         $50,000
  • Charitable Deduction:          $50,000
  • Avoidance of Capital Gain:   $40,000 (otherwise subject to tax)

Advise your broker of our account with TD Ameritrade, Acct. #: 908303680, DTC#: 0188.


Please let MIS know if you arrange a securities gift so that we may match you with your gift.


Charitable IRA Rollover

  • If you are 70½ or older, you may transfer up to $100,000 each year directly to MIS from your IRA. Such transfers can even satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD). Your 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement account may be converted tax-free to an IRA from which a charitable distribution may be made. Contact us to learn more.


Life insurance policy

  • You may have established a life insurance policy to protect your family’s income, cover the mortgage on your home or send kids to college if something happened to the primary wage earner. However, if the reasons for needing insurance have ended, you now have a significant asset that may be used to help MIS while perhaps providing you tax savings. The gift is complete, and the charitable deduction is earned, when MIS is made the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy.

Personal property

  • Assets like artwork, coin collection, car, boat or airplane, or antiques that you no longer want to insure or maintain are valuable gifts to MIS. Taxes on the sale of these appreciated items are even higher than taxes on stocks and real estate.
  • By donating these items to MIS instead of selling them, you avoid capital gain tax and qualify for a charitable tax deduction, thereby getting the double bonus of tax savings and support to MIS.

Gift by will or living trust

  • Do you wish to support the future of principled global citizens and lifelong learners through MIS’s educational and experiential programs while maintaining control over your assets in case they are needed during your lifetime? Giving to MIS through your will or living trust can help you accomplish your goal. Often referred to as a “bequest”, this gift may allow you to give much more through your estate or trust than during your lifetime.
  • Commitments like these are simple provisions in your will or trust and are easy to change or even revoke, particularly with a codicil to a will. We are happy to provide you sample bequest language for your will or trust.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and retirement plans

  • By making MIS the beneficiary of all or part of your plan, you can avoid the taxes that may diminish an account by up to 65 percent when given to family or friends.


Bank or brokerage accounts

  • You may designate all or a percentage (or a dollar amount) of your account to MIS with a “Pay on Death” (POD) or “Transfer on Death” (TOD) beneficiary designation.


Real estate

  • Do you have a second home or rental property that you no longer wish to maintain and insure? Is your vacation home no longer being used by family and friends? These properties may be highly appreciated and could result in costly taxes if sold outright. However, by donating your real estate, you could use the property to fulfill your charitable intentions while minimizing or even eliminating capital gain taxes! A gift of your real estate can make a transformative difference in funding MIS.


Contribute personal home, vacation property or farm while maintaining right to use it

  • You may already be planning to leave your home or vacation property to a nonprofit through your will or trust. While your estate gift may help avoid estate taxes, you can truly benefit by gifting your home to MIS now and living in it for the rest of your life. You receive immediate income tax savings while eliminating probate on the asset. You will remain responsible for maintenance, tax, insurance and general upkeep, but you will have the satisfaction of making a life-changing gift during your lifetime to benefit MIS in the future.


Gifts that pay you

  • Certain types of charitable gifts allow you to receive a secure stream of income for life, reduce your taxes and allow you to make a future gift to MIS. You may even enjoy a higher financial return from low-income or non-productive assets while supporting MIS’s mission.


Immediate charitable gift annuity (CGA)

  • Establishing a CGA today will pay you a fixed dollar amount for the rest of your life, beginning immediately. You establish a CGA with a transfer of cash, appreciated securities or real estate to MIS. In return, MIS pays you an annuity, the amount of which is determined by your age (and the age of one other beneficiary, if desired) at the time payments begin. The older you are, the higher the payment amount you lock in. Additionally, a large part of the payment is tax-free for many years and you can qualify for a tax deduction on a sizeable portion of the value of the assets used to fund your CGA.


Deferred charitable gift annuity (DCGA)

  • What if you’re continuing to save for retirement or wish to help fund your children’s college education or their purchase of a first home? With a DCGA, you can meet these objectives and more by postponing the payment start date. The older the annuitant(s) when the payments start, the larger the payments will be.


Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity

  • A Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity means that the donor does NOT have to choose the payment starting date at the time of the contribution. The annuitant may choose the payment starting date in the future based on his/her retirement date or other considerations.


  • As with the deferred charitable gift annuity, the older the annuitant(s) when the payments start, the larger the payments will be.


Charitable remainder trust (CRT)

  • When you donate assets like cash, securities and/or real estate to a CRT, you receive a stream of income which can last for your lifetime or a set term of up to 20 years. The income amount may be much greater than what the transferred assets currently yield. You may select fixed, lifetime income or income which may increase over time to offset inflation.


Tax identification number: 81-0501614


With your help, MIS will continue to inspire principled global citizens and lifelong learners through a challenging bilingual education.


Please call or email us today: John C. Scibek, Campaign Director, at 406-542-9924 or jscibek@mismt.org.

This information is not intended as legal, accounting or financial advice. Please consult your professional advisor.