5th Grade PYP Exhibition – Ibrahin’s Class

John: Hey Ibrahin! Can you tell me about the exhibition projects that are happening in your class this year?

Ibrahin: Sure. The first group is Ezra, Eliana, and Oliver. The group is working focusing on the nonprofit sector. They are interested in finding out how nonprofits can increase employment in the sector. Also, they are looking at local nonprofits that can work together to maybe increase their own employee pool.

John: Interesting, Missoula is a great pool of nonprofits to study!

Ibrahin: Yes, the next group is Araitz, Rye, and Maximo. The group is researching how a business’s mission and goals might correlate to the success of the business. The group might be interviewing some local business owners and planning on making their own business! Their business will have goals, a vision, and a mission.

John: I imagine their business will learn from the mistakes others have made.

Ibrahin: Finally, the last group is Athena, Hannah, and Megan. This last group is studying how the quality of service effects the success of a business. The group is wanting to focus on comparing successful operations like the local Good Food Store to other grocery stores around town. What kind of impact does, atmosphere/location/organized space have on the sales or success of a business.

John: Thanks for sitting down with me Ibrahin, these sound like great projects.

Ibrahin: Any time!