Window Into the Classroom: Familia Thanksgiving Lunch

Teacher Feature: Ismara Maidyd de la Asunción Partidas Aguilar

Hola Ismara, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. Can you start off by saying a few things about yourself? 

Hola! Yes, my name is Ismara Maidyd de la Asunción Partidas Aguilar, I was born in Caracas, on August 15, 1985, I am the eldest daughter of Florencia Aguilar and Luis Partidas, I graduated as an Educator at 21 and as a Civil Engineer at 30 years, since 2008 I worked as a teacher in three schools (in rotating shifts), I had the hope of being a professor of mathematics at the Central University of Venezuela but the conditions in my nation do not allow me to do that right now.

Interesting, and yes the state of Venezuela right now does sound chaotic. Can you tell me a little more about your family and moving to Missoula?

Yes, Marlon, my husband, has worked as a soccer referee and a sports commentator on the radio. We have one daughter together, Diosa Alejandra de los Angeles, who is in Virginia’s K/1 multiage classroom. I love my home country of Venezuela, but the situation there is chaos. No food, medicine, anarchy, and social decomposition. We came to Missoula to offer our daughter a better quality of life. We feel so thankful to be here and to teach the students of MIS has made me so proud of our own education and great potential.

Well, we’re really thankful and happy to have you join our team Ismara. Thank you for your time! 

Editor’s note: Ismara is looking for some warm winter clothes for herself including some ski pants, boots, and a warm jacket. If any of our school community has some extra clothing, please drop off in the office.