Preschool: Pets & Farms

Teacher Feature: Mishel Vatoussis

Mishel, thanks for sitting down with me. To get started, you have an art degree? How are you using it in your classroom?

We do a great deal of art projects, painting and color mixing of primary colors. Drawing is also a big part of our classroom. Students love to watch me draw and this aspires them to take risks in drawing.  I find inspiration in Preschooler’s art because it is creative, imaginative and honest.

What do you love about teaching preschool?

The kids. Their smiles, laughs, and hugs. It’s like food for my soul. It is so entertaining to listen to their conversations and engage with them creatively and imaginatively. They bring out my inner child and I love that!

You once lived in Greece?  Why and what was your favorite memory?

My husband needed to do military service which is required by Greek law for male citizens. We decided that it would be a great opportunity for myself and our children to experience his beautiful country and culture. My favorite memories always relate to the blue Mediterranean sea and spending time playing at the beach with my children.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy creating new things: crafts, art, refurbish old things into new items. I also like cuddling with my kids to watch Disney movies and bugs bunny cartoons.

Finish this sentence….My dream vacation is… 

My dream vacation is…to travel to different countries in the world, tasting good food and spending some time at the beach every day!