WildWalk 2018: Behind the Scenes

The WildWalk parade is just around the corner! I wanted to know more about what goes into this event here at MIS, so I sat down with Loryn Zerr for a look into her perspective about this wholesome event!

John: Thanks for sitting down with me today Loryn, I wanted to start off our talk by asking how many years has MIS participated in the WildWalk?

Loryn: Well, ever since I’ve been here, which has been about 6 six years now. So, for more than six years!

J: Okay, what is your role in this big event?

L: I have many responsibilities for this event. A majority of my time is spent helping the students develop their art projects, as well as facilitate some transportation. I then bring the art pieces to the parade, and help line up everyone for the big march!

J: I can’t wait to see this! Where does the walk go?

L: The walk begins at the XXX statue on the end of Higgins, then we stomp downtown and end in Caras Park. We will meet up as a group at 11:30 am there!  

J: What does the WildWalk represent for you?

L: Personally, this parade is a great way to get the student’s art out of our school and in the eyes of the broader Missoula public. It gives the kids an audience! But more than that, it is a fun and informative way to develop art skills and knowledge of natural things, like birds! This year, we are going to be a flock of birds and the kids are excited to show off their feathers.

J: Oh neat! How did you decide which animal to be?

L: How much time is often the determining factor. And by this I mean, how many class periods I have with the students to develop their material.

J: Thanks for helping lead our crew down Higgins Loryn!

L: You got it!