Window Into the Classroom: I Love to Read Community Project

I sat down with Cooper Johnstad and Cyrus Kiely to learn more about their community project that involves socializing dogs at the Human Society.

  1. Great presentation this morning guys, what inspired you to choose this project? 
    • Cooper: At the time it seemed like a good idea, and so we ran with it!
    • Cyrus: I think both Cooper and I were looking to work with dogs more, and I am really looking to be with dogs again since ours passed away at home recently.
  2. How do I Love to Read and socializing dogs work together?
    • It has been shown that socializing animals that are up for adoption can help make the pet more relaxed and therefore easier to adopt. Animals with tragic histories with humans need to be socialized by good people, and this can help build trust with humans for the dog again.
  3. Do you both have dogs at home?
    • Cooper: Yes, we have 3 at home, my mom works with dogs as a profession.
    • Cyrus: Yes we have 1 right now that we adopted!
  4. Concerning your project, do you have any events coming up for it?
    • Yes, we have an event on  February 17th from 10:30 – 12:00pm at the Humane Society where we will be reading to dogs. It is open to the public, please come help these animals!


Teacher Feature: Laura Bovard


  1. Laura, you have been involved with MIS for more than 20 years now! Can you tell me a little bit about what values MIS has that keep you tied to our community?
    • Our values of connection – I love the students, teachers, and families and I’ve loved watching our students grow and thrive over the years.  I love connecting with new families through the admissions process and communicating the value of an IB and immersion education.   Creativity-The IB allows for so much creativity in teaching.  It encourages creative collaborations and provides a framework where teachers and students learn together in an engaging and creative way.  Currently, I am working with the 4/5 multiage classes to create a narrated slideshow of a biography they read during their ‘Heroes” unit.
  2. As you may know, this month’s IB Word is ‘Thinker’. When you have your librarian hat on, what are some of the ways you bring out the ‘Thinker’ virtue in your students? 
    • Always answer a question with another question.  Meaning I want to help students to figure out how to find the information on their own.  We learn and practice how books are shelved, how to find information in the reference books, how to use an index, how to find information without using google…Thinking skills!
  3. What are some new strategies or exercises you are trying this year to get kids to read for I Love to Read month?
    • I don’t need to do anything-the students themselves love to read and be read to.  We read over 150,000 minutes last year with one student reading over 11,000 minutes!  This month’s theme of READ with a friend connects reading with student responsibility at home and encourages student action at the Humane Society.