Window Into the Classroom: 2/3 Poetry Unit

The 2/3 multiage classes have begun a unit on Poetry.  Throughout the unit, they are exploring different forms of poetry and using figurative language like simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia to enhance their writing.  We have been fortunate to have Alex Downey, Missoula poet, to visit in the classes to share his funny poems and help our students in writing their own.  Alex and Warm Springs Productions donated 4 copies of his recent book, Brainstorm, to our school library.

Teacher Feature: Anneliese Broman

You recently moved into teaching middle school design and 6th grade math.  How is teaching in the MYP different than PYP?

Teaching in the MYP follows the inquiry process just like the PYP. For me, the biggest difference is seeing the students apply skills we teach them in PYP. As a teacher, it is amazing to see how much they remember from PYP and how far those skills have come.

How do you use inquiry in your middle school classes?  

In my design classes, students use inquiry to explore a variety of technology tools. We take a few classes to go over skills that would be helpful and then the students have time to explore them on their own. The design assessments flow out of some of their interests, providing students the opportunity to demonstrate specific planning, design or reflection skills while researching or pursuing a topic that interests them.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would be one thing you would love to do in design?

If I had an unlimited budget, I would do a lot more 3D printing in all grade levels, maybe even buying some new 3D printers. I would love to purchase Raspberry Pi computers for each student to explore what new coding and programming opportunities those would provide.

You are originally from Iowa, what new activities have you learned since moving to Missoula? 

Since moving to Missoula, I have gotten to explore a lot more outdoor activities! I have learned to rock climb and ski. I have come to love hiking and camping as well. This winter, I bought snowshoes and have enjoyed going on the snowshoe trail at Lolo Pass.

Your 2/3 classes are learning about poetry, any favorite poets or poems?  Or what do you enjoy about this unit?

So far, the poetry unit has been great for a jumpstart in the writing process. Students who don’t prefer writing are showing a desire to write and they are pursuing new writing projects. It has also led to student action with students writing poems at home and bring in poetry books from home. The poetry unit is helping students to become balanced in their class time, managing their time to work on a greater variety of independent projects while still taking time to read and log minutes for I Love to Read month.