Window Into the Classroom: Room 2

Window Into the Classroom: K/1 Multiage Animation and Robotics Fair

Teacher Feature: Ana Martinez

How do you assess learning in preschool?

The environment that we create make our students feel motivated about exploring, inquiring and learning. The classroom is set to meet our students’ needs and interests. Our goal as teachers is to guide them and help them grow in independence. It is also interesting to see how by this time of the year they feel so comfortable with Spanish that they want to learn more and more!

Your current unit focuses on how we express ourselves through movement-what has been some of the most fun learning centers in this unit?

I have so many favorite centers. I think my favorite for this Unit has been the movement center where they explored different kind of dances. It was so cute to see them interacting with each other and immersed in dancing Salsa, Tap Dance and next week will do Flamenco. Check out our blog to see them in action!

What do you enjoy about teaching younger children?

What I really enjoy is the connection that I make with my students. I also enjoy seeing them using their Spanish skills that we have been working since the beginning of the year! They are more excited about producing the language, yay!

What is something that you enjoy doing in Missoula?

The winter season without skiing is a little bit hard. I can’t wait to see The Sun every single day. However, I really enjoy the beautiful nature that this place has and how connected people from here are with it!

Since we just finished I Love to Read Month-What is one of your favorite books to read to your class?

I like to read “Cha Cha en la selva” and “Las jirafas no pueden bailar”! Beautiful books!