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Amity Feature: Belen Aguirre

Belen, now that you have spent a year at our school here in Missoula, I was hoping to ask you a few questions about your experience as an Amity intern. Also, I’d love to hear more about how your experience has been living with a host family.

To start off, what has been one of your favorite experiences being with your host family?

One my most favorite experiences with my host family was skiing this last winter. Never have I ever learned so much about skiing, especially from such gracious people. The experience was really rewarding and I will take these skills with me back to Spain and Europe to ski there too!

You have worked a lot in MIS this year, can you tell me how this has made you a better teacher?

This experience has given me the opportunity to meet new and above all very good people. Being with my host family has helped me grow as a person. Being away from home has opened my mind and made me realize the importance of things and distinguish what is relevant in my life. Also, teaching at school has made me a more patient and better person.

Would you do this internship again if you could?

Of course! This generous family has taught me so much and treated me like their own family member. This has been a really wonderful experience!