Window Into the Classroom: Design Class


Teacher Feature: Rodrigo Peces

You teach design and an art elective in the middle school.  What are your classes working on this month?

In Design, students are working on the yearbook. They are really excited looking for pictures to create collages and organizing all the memories.

Is there some student work or experience that you have really enjoyed and want to share with us?

I did really enjoyed the coding unit. One of the aims was to instruct young people about environmental issues and what can we do to fix them. Students ended up designing instructional video games sharing facts about these issues and at the same time instructing players about possible solutions.

What is something that you have enjoyed about living in Missoula?

I will definitely remember the local food and amazing people.

We talk a lot about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).  How do you incorporate these items in your classroom?

It depends on the unit. Math is important for the coding unit, but also linked with arts because of the creative component. Working with Lego EV3 is also a good way to implement all of them in one unit, that is why they tend to be longer.

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