MIS Alumni

Missoula International School continues to grow up along with its students, many of whom attended MIS from its founding in 1995.  MIS alumni today are on the move, whether they achieve top of their class, become winners in State Speech & Debate tournaments, complete high school language classes at the AP college level, begin the first IB Diploma Program offered to Missoula high school  students at Hellgate High School, or enter college via early acceptance, the strong academic and social foundation at MIS serves students for life.

Where Are They Now?

MIS Alumni Are….


MIS alumni are taking IB classes in high school and Spanish classes at the UM. Most MIS students take sophomore level geometry as freshman. MIS students are fearless about study abroad and learning new languages!


MIS alumni are leaders and volunteers in their community, facilitating workshops for the National Coalition Building Institute and leading advocacy groups for the Special Olympics.


3 out of 4 A’s awarded in the sophomore Biology class at Hellgate High School were MIS freshmen. One MIS alum took the SAT single subject exam in Spanish as a freshman, scoring 725/800. One MIS alumna took AP Calculus and received overall SAT/ACT scores of 2050/30. Every year, many MIS students join the National Honor Society at the top of their class.


Two MIS students will attend High Schools for the performing arts next year, MIS alumni help lead Missoula Children’s Theater Performing Arts Camps in the summer, and an MIS alumna was named Poet Laureate of this year’s state Poetry Out Loud competition.

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