MIS has an active Parent Association that partners with the school administration to build a strong community. The Parent Association offers educational and community building workshops that are open to every family at MIS. All parents of MIS students are members of the Parent Association and are encouraged to attend any or all meetings.

The Parent Association is supportive of MIS in ways that include the following:

  • Facilitation of communication between parents, school, and the MIS Board of Trustees.
  • Development of a positive and welcoming climate that builds a strong sense of community for all parents.
  • Setting goals to assist MIS in meeting its current needs.
  • Acting as a liaison between teachers and parents to facilitate the classroom activities of MIS.
  • Promotion of MIS through the organized efforts and activities of the parent body.


The Parent Association is led by the PA Council which is comprised of elected officers and volunteer representatives.

Officers and Representatives
President Julie Osborn
Vice President Melissa Silverman
Secretary/Treasurer Kristen Von Doersten
Faculty Rep Jen Gebo
Preschool/Primary Years Parent Rep Tri Pham
Middle School/Specialists Parent Rep Erik Gibson-Snyder
Committee Chairs
Parent Connection Chair Missy Miculka
New Family Ambassador Co-Chair Jen Hudson
New Family Ambassador Co-Chair Amanda Milburn
Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair Lori Westenfelder
Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair Jody Jakob
Sustainability Chair Randi Plouffe
Spirit Shop Danielle Sebastian
Scrip BriAnne Moline
Event Chair Emily Musco
Room Parents
PreSchool 1 (Jenny/Diane) Megan Morris, Emily Musco
PreSchool 2 (Mishel/Ana) Meaghan Frisbee, Molly Bradford
K/1 – John Keri Allmacher
K/1 – Virginia Marcie Mountan
2/3 – Mirim Mirtha Johnson
2/3 – Patty Lara Dorman
4/5 – Carme Susan Snetsinger
4/5 – Ibrahim Rachael Lunde
4/5 – Karim Emily Musco
Middle School Amber Sherrill
Middle School Emily Musco
Middle School David and Becky Brooks
Garage Sale Kay Grissom Kiely
Specialists Jody Jakob